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Voiceover Samples

I have recorded numerous spots and narrations for TV, short films, radio and the Web including work for The Oxygen Network, NBC, MTV, Howcast and The National Museum of Women in the Arts. I was also a featured student on Stuart Dillon's instructional voiceover DVD.

Commercial Voiceover Demo

Commercial Voiceover Demo - Melissa Wolff
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The Commons

I produced and recorded an audio excerpt from The Commons, a new novel by New York Times bestselling author, Susan Dworkin 

The Commons - Melissa Wolff
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As A Driven Leaf: Listener's Guide

I collaborated once again with the multi-talented Susan Dworkin to record a listener's guide to the classic novel, As A Driven Leaf.


Available now on

As A Driven Leaf: Listener's Guide - Melissa Wolff
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The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

I participated in the reading of this new musical by Kenny Seymour (Memphis), Nicholas Roman Lewis and Leanna Renee HIeber.


Please visit The Strangely Beautiful... website to sample the gorgeous music and hear me voice The Goddess.


Howcast: How to Turn a Wire Hanger into a Cloth One

No wire hangers...ever.

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