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All Day Suckers

New York International Fringe Festival (New York, NY)


"Particularly memorable is Melissa Wolff, a comedienne par excellence."

Oscar E. Moore |


"Wolff a glamorous actress client of Bryce's, a harried nurse and an unscrupulous business partner of Bryce's father."

Alyssa Simon |


"In addition to Carlin and McCarthy, Sarah Nina Hayon and Melissa Wolff display dazzling versatility in a calvalcade of multiple roles."

Ethan Kanfer | Show Business



walkerspace (New York, NY)


"Wolff is excellent as Anna, at times walking around in a daze, then coming sharply into focus, trapped physically and mentally in the past." 

Mark Rifkin | This Week in New York


"[Melissa Wolff's] performance is a brilliant mix of peaceful moments and desperate struggles as she tries to hold herself together in the wake of a tragic fire. Her quiet, engaging humor betrays real emotional depth." 

Kaitlyn Meade | NYU News



The Guys

Henlopen Theater (Henlopen, DE)


"Melissa Wolff creates a moving and utterly believable evening. Her Joan is emotional, mature and nurturing, and we completely trust and believe her." 

Helen Waite | Cape Gazette



Memorial Days

Off Off Broadway


"The charismatic Melissa Wolff."

Glenda Frank | Backstage


"What saved Memorial Days were three performances. In the showiest role, Melissa Wolff manages a seamless transition from academic to aggressive vixen."

Don Dewey | WNYC



Off Broadway


"Faring best among the play's supporting players is Melissa Wolff as Dede, a once-aspiring photographer who signs on as Nevelson's studio assistant and aide-de-camp. When Wolff's character emerges years later minus her own career and sense of identity, you are able to identify with the ambivalence, and occasional outright rages, of a woman who is equal parts nurturer and ambitious sycophant."

Jen Hendricks | Show Business Weekly



Sarah in America

USA Productions


"There's only one other character [other than Tovah Feldshuh] in the play, a maid named Marianne, gracefully played by Melissa Wolff." 

Aileen Jacobson | Newsday




Mill Mountain Theatre (Roanoke, VA)


"Melissa Wolff offers a warm, affectionate portrayal of Vivian's nurse."

Michael Hemphill | The Roanoke Times

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